Our Platform

Morphing immune cells to treat diseases by utilizing a cell type-selective, conditionally activated delivery platform

MorphImmune’s Novel Approach:

Targeted Immune Modulators

MorphImmune uses a platform technology of small-molecule, rapidly penetrating, cost-effective drug-targeting of errant immune cells.  We deliver drugs that can reprogram pro-inflammatory and pro-tumor immune cells to an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor milieu.  Using immune cell specific ligands coupled with pathway re-programmers, the technology tackles core chronic and acute disease pathways.  This approach differentiates MorphImmune from other immune-biopharmaceuticals that block downstream changes once the immune cells have been hijacked. MorphImmune addresses immune changes at its core alterations.

Mix-and-match feature allows us to expand portfolio rapidly




Target Discovery & Validation Drug Discovery Lead ID & Optimization IND Enabling Clinical
Mi-003 (FAP-Lut) - solid tumors
Mi-001 (FA-TLR7) - IPF
Mi-002 (FAP-PI3Ki) Scleroderma
Mi-003(FAP-Lut) Sarcoma
Mi-001(FA-TLR7) - TAM+Solid tumors
Discovery Platform (>10 Targets)

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